Let’s get busy.

Hi, I’m Shannon the busy body. Previously a stockbroker, student-athlete, and twenty something who likes to write about life’s experiences while i’m “out and about.” Want to grab a coffee? You want to talk business, money, life, sports, wine? Let me know. All I want to do is chat. Let’s discuss. About everything and anything. Now that that’s settled, enjoy the page!

why the best things in life are free, along with skiing

Since it’s Easter Sunday while I’m writing this, and also closing day/week for a lot of Ski resorts around the United States, I thought I’d pay homage and share a little bit about something that may have been one of the best things to ever happen to me. And I’m not even being the tiniest…

Why Listening Solved (almost) All My Problems

Since I’m arguably the best at pointing out the obvious things in life, let’s start with the most obvious. I’m a talker. And I talk A LOT. From the moment my little body graced this world to the present day, I have always had something to say (a quick apology to my parents for many…

Be the Steak

So we have all heard the saying, “the grass is greener” or quite the opposite “the grass is not always greener.” This implies that we need a change in our lives. We have become bored with whatever we have been bothering with for a certain period of time, so we move on. To something different…

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