the busy-body

I’m Shannon, it’s nice to meet you and it’s also nice to know that you’ve found my page. And yes, I am the busy-body.

I am from Brighton, Michigan graduated from Brighton High School, and played soccer at Central Michigan University where I got that lovely sheet of paper with my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration printed on it. I majored in Finance, because dollar dollar bills ya’ll, and I’m a girl who is down for the activities and good conversation. I’m 25, thought iced coffee was good, but then I tried matcha and never looked back. I have an obsession with mob movies. I prefer hamburgers over hot dogs. If I could meet anyone ever, I’d meet Benjamin Franklin. I like doing anything outside, I stay fit, I’ll always be down for that smooth glass of Chianti, and to be honest, throw any topic in front of me you want– I’ll talk about it for hours.

As a former stockbroker, I learned a lot about other people. Yeah, placing trades, talking about investing is really interesting and not to mention IMPORTANT stuff, but an important takeaway from chatting with investors when talking about their money, is how much you learn about that one particular person in general. I learned to empathize. And people just want to be understood. So on that note, I started this blog during the middle of a pandemic, for the sole purpose to relate and to be kept busy. Think of this page as a sound board for your thoughts. Let’s keep each other busy with good discussion and see what we can do with that. To understand others a little better. The world is in a big need of that right now. If you would like to connect, like I said, I’d love to talk about whatever it is you want to talk about. If you’ve got a business idea, let’s hear it. A topic of discussion? Let’s discuss it. Advice? I’m here to listen or give it. Let’s work together, get busy, and start something great.

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