I thought it would be important to pay tribute to one of the best parts of my life, and possibly the most important.  I played soccer for 18 years of my life. If you do the math, that’s accounts for a lot of years kicking balls. But I’m okay with that, because it’s so fun. I love the game. Even when I hated it. I love seeing how the game has affected a huge part of society, especially young women. This is not some feminist manifesto, but as a first-hand witness to the change, the game has given opportunity to thousands of women to compete at high levels as opposed to previous years where the only sport women could participate in was making tea and cleaning up the damn kitchen. This game has instilled the killer-competitive mindset into women and men alike, taking them places so much farther than the game itself. The game is a teacher, of perseverance, handling failure, pain, success, and working with others. The game that I love so much is flourishing. This, to me, is the most important.

I started with club soccer. My parents threw me into every sport possible, until I decided that it kept me busy enough and I was constantly stimulated. I had a lot of energy. I went my entire K-12 with a few sprained ankles, bumps, bruises, a FAT knee surgery, and rehab in the midst of club soccer until I finally said “what the hell?” I’m pretty good at this. I might as well play in college; that would be fun and also be fiscally responsible. Playing division 1 college soccer has been the MOST important learning experience of my life. It’s mean, fast, competitive, athletic, emotional, fun, and sad all in one game. But it’s great because like I said before, it’s a teacher in itself.  It has taught me to be brave, take risks, laugh in the face of fear, and work my ass off for everything I have.

As a former member of one of the best leagues in the country, I have the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) and the Michigan Hawks to thank for the experience of spreading the love for the game. Those girls I met in that time of my life are amazing young women, and have gone on to their college careers and professional careers with such poise and vigor. If you want to see more having to do with the ECNL and all their shenanigans follow @theecnl to see more!

Anyways with all this being said, I thought I should shed a light on the thing that has taught me most about my life.

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